Experience the captivating evening atmosphere of the city and see the majestic Prague Castle and its surroundings without the bustling crowds. Enjoy the fascinating world of alchemy and astrology along with the mysterious legends of the most famous landmarks. Embark on an exciting journey to discover the city's glory during the reign of Rudolph II and the remarkable transformation of Prague by the famous Charles IV. Head to Strahov Monastery and hear the tale of the Devil’s Bible. Continue to the magical Loreto, and the imposing Czernin Palace, and be transported to the magic of a long-gone era. As dusk falls, wander the enchanting streets of the "New World" and listen to the stories of astronomers Tycho de Brahe and Johannes Kepler and their ties to Prague.. Enjoy the serene area within Prague Castle and the famous "Golden Lane", and view the breathtaking panoramas of the city from the vast grounds of the largest castle complex in the world.

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Tue, Thu, Sat, Sun

6 pm (Sept. 1 – May 31), 7 pm (June 1 – August 31)

3 hours


  • Tram ticket

On this tour we cover

  • Legend of the Golem and its probable secret hiding place in the Old Town
  • The influence of astrology on the construction of the Charles Bridge and other Prague monuments
  • The Mysteries of Strahov Monastery
  • The Tale of the "Hole to Hell" and the Czernin Palace
  • Location of the Prague Loreto, an important pilgrimage site
  • Hidden picturesque neighborhood "New World", along with the only preserved wooden house in the historic centre
  • Interesting facts about Prague Castle Complex and St Vitus Cathedral
  • A walk through the empty Golden Lane


  • Enjoy Prague Castle in an unforgettable atmosphere after sunset, without the crowds of tourists
  • Learn how mysticism, astrology, and alchemy influenced the history of the Czech lands
  • Discover the unknown trivia about Prague's tourist attractions
  • Wander through an enchanting neighborhood that remains undiscovered even by many locals
  • Take in the night view of the Prague panorama from the grounds of the Castle

Tour Details

This evening’s three-hour tour will introduce you to alchemy, the direct ancestor of contemporary science. 
Begin by walking from the Old Town Square to the Old New Synagogue, where you will hear the first mysterious tale of the tour, related to Rabbi Löw and his Golem, the “Jewish Frankenstein”. The journey continues to Mánes Bridge, where you can discover more about the building of the city during the reign of the brilliant King Charles IV. His visions relied heavily on astrology and esotericism, leaving nothing to chance, and paving the way to Prague’s current beauty.

Take a tram up to the Castle District to find out more about the lives of astronomers and scientists who were invited to the court of Rudolf II, including Tycho de Brahe and Johannes Kepler. Learn about the mystery behind the Devil’s Bible while exploring the still-operational Strahov Monastery. Speaking of the devil, you will next be led by the location of “Hole to Hell”, opened by cruel Christianity-hater Drahomíra.

En route to the castle grounds, walk through the New World, a charming little area that is hidden even from many locals. See the former residence of Tycho de Brahe, as well as the only remaining wooden house in the city centre. Make your way to Prague Castle to experience the highlight of your journey – witnessing the world’s largest castle complex completely free of tourists. Listen to several mysterious facts about some of its features you wouldn’t normally notice on a historical tour. See the unusual small houses of the Golden Lane and learn the fates of all the alchemists whose stories we follow during the tour. Finish the tour at the St Wenceslas Vineyard which offers stunning panoramic views of the city.

All our tours start from Tynska 7 in Prague’s Old Town, just a few minutes’ walk from the Old Town Square.

26 EUR adult
24 EUR student / senior
Prices include 12% VAT

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