This tour is an in-depth, yet quick over view of the rich history behind the monuments and famous sites in Prague’s Old Town and Jewish Quarter. Enjoy a pleasant stroll around Old Town Square and get familiar with the history, legends, and significance of place such as the Astronomical Clock, the Jan Hus monument and the Charles University or the Old-New Synagogue and the Old Jewish Cemetery. Come get lost in time as you discover the wonderful history of Old Town and awaken a love for the City of 100 Steeples that will last a lifetime.

Tour Tickets

Tue, Thu, Sat, Sun (except Dec. 24, 25, 31)

11 am

2 hours


  • Professional guide services throughout Old Town and Jewish Quarter

On this tour we cover

  • Old Town Square
  • Astronomical Clock
  • Estate theatre
  • Charles University
  • St. James Church
  • Tyn Cathedral
  • The area of Ungelt
  • Jewish Quarter
  • Synagogues
  • Old Jewish Cemetery
  • Burial-brotherhood
  • Origin of the words Bohemia and Czech
  • Jan Hus and the Husites
  • Execution of 27 men in 1621
  • Franz Kafka


  • Fascinating history of the old town
  • Enchantment of the Jewish Ghetto
  • Quick yet in-depth exploration of Prague

Tour Details

We invite you to discover the hidden history of Prague while visiting the popular sites in The City of 100 Spires. 

If you are in Prague for the first time, or just have a short amount of time, this brief tour of Old Town and the Jewish Ghetto is perfect for you. Our guide will tell you about the curious symbols on the Astronomical clock, and you will learn about the life of the man from the big monument on Old Town Square – the Czechs’ beloved Jan Hus! You will see places of importance for the development of culture and education in Central Europe as you are guided by the Carolinum, Estates Theatre, birth home of Franz Kafka, and various churches. And, we welcome you to feel the centuries old vibes from strong tradition found in the Jewish Ghetto.

Enjoy a pleasant walk with our guide through Old Town and the Jewish Ghetto. You will learn the formative history of Bohemia, see the famous sites in Prague, and discover why these popular sites are significant to Czechs. Come, make Prague more than an acquaintance. Get to know her through discovering Old Town with us!

Do you want more?

After experiencing such an introduction, perhaps you would like to see more! We invite you to join us at 2pm to join a canal river cruise and see the beauty of Prague Castle.

All our tours start from Tynska 7 in Prague’s Old Town, just a few minutes’ walk from the Old Town Square.

17 EUR adult
15 EUR student / senior
Prices include 10% VAT

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