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Advantages of private tours:

Booking a private tour allows you to see the best of Prague without limits! Get your guide’s full attention and enjoy the day at your own pace. Choose the start time that suits you best and make the most of your itinerary during your visit to the Heart of Europe. A perfect option for organized groups, including school trips, team-building events, or birthday parties, who can benefit from group discounts.

Our private tours:

All our private tours are identical in content to our public tours offered under the ”OUR TOURS” tab. If you would like a more detailed description of each private tour, kindly follow the link added to each product.

Prague All Inclusive Tour

Old Town • Jewish Ghetto • A traditional lunch • River cruise • Prague Castle

See all the important sights, taste the local cuisine, and enjoy a relaxing cruise in one full day more details

Highlights of Prague Old Town & Jewish Ghetto

Old Town Square • Astronomical Clock • Jewish Quarter • History of Bohemia

Discover in 2-hours the sights of the Old Town, including Charles University and Estates Theatre, explore the Jewish Ghetto with its synagogues, and hear the story of Golem more details

Prague Castle & Canal River Boat Tour

Old Town • River Cruise with refreshments • Lesser Town • Prague Castle

Enjoy a 3-hour tour of the left bank of the river Vltava. Take a relaxing 45-minute cruise to the picturesque Devil’s Channel. Finish with a tram ride to the Castle District, exploring the grounds of Prague Castle more details

World War 2 & Anthropoid Tour

Prague & World War 2 • Operation Anthropoid • St. Cyril & Methodius Cathedral • Paratroopers’ crypt

Listen to the story of the Czechoslovak war heroes and their assassination of Hitler’s right-hand man, the cruel Reinhard Heydrich on a 3-hour walking tour more details

Psychiatric Hospital & Abandoned Cemetery

History of psychiatry • Evolution of treatment methods • Life in the hospital today • Abandoned graveyard • Hospital construction

Explore Prague’s outskirts in 3 hours for a journey through the hospital’s past and evolving treatments for mental disorders, from medieval torture to modern therapy. Feel the eerie energy at the walls of the Asylum’s famous abandoned cemetery more details

Alchemy & Mysteries of Prague Castle

Alchemy, magic, myths, and legends • Prague Castle grounds without crowds • Legend of the Prague Golem • Panoramic night view of Prague

Enjoy Prague Castle without tourists and hear lesser-known facts and stories related to alchemy and astrology. Learn about the rule of Rudolf II. and Charles IV. Discover an enchanting hidden neighbourhood on a 3-hour walking tour more details

Ghosts & Legends of Old Town

A forgotten corner of the Old Town • Eerie atmosphere • Engaging storytelling • Legends & tales told for centuries

Listen to the stories of death & disease, murderers & executioners, ghosts & mysteries as you walk the dimly lit streets of an often-overlooked part of the Old Town during this 90-minute tour more details

Struggling to book a private tour?

Watch the video below

How to book a private tour?

Once you have chosen the tour of your preference, click on the ”BOOK AS A PRIVATE TOUR” button. A new screen will appear with a group size selection and a calendar with available tour dates and start times. Firstly, choose the size of your group. To do so, please first make sure that you have all the group options set to ”0”. Afterward, you can select the size of your group by clicking the ”+” button next to the option you have chosen. The number ”1” next to your option indicates that you have successfully selected a group size. If you decide to choose a different group, click the ”-” button to delete the number ”1” of the first group and then select a new group option in the same way you selected the first group. You can book a private tour according to the given range of groups (e.g. if your party consists of 38 people, you need to select the option ”Private group of 36-40 people”). The maximum number of participants for a private tour is 60 people. If your group is over 30 people, we will assign you 2 guides, meaning that the group will be at the meeting point divided in half.

Once you have successfully selected your group size, it’s time to choose your preferred tour date and start time. The calendar below will offer you all the available dates for the selected private tour. After selecting your preferred day, you will see the available times. Choose the one that suits you best. Lastly, please check the booking summary and proceed to checkout.

I can’t see the calendar menu, what should I do?

You probably have more than one private group size selected. Check that you have a number ”1” at only one of the group size options. There also shouldn’t be a number higher than ”1” selected. If you are still having trouble, kindly follow the steps described in the ”How to book a private tour? ” section.

Why are some days not available?

If your preferred day does not show as available in the calendar, it means that we have stopped the sale of that private tour for this date. The reason for this may be that we already have a large number of the same private tours on the given day and cannot meet the demand. We may also not have a suitable guide available on the schedule for that day. Occasionally the date is also closed due to the temporary closure of the facility in which part of the tour takes place. In some cases, however, we can accommodate requests for dates that are closed in the calendar. If you are unable to attend any of the alternative dates available, please contact us at info@trips-tickets.com and we will see if we can accommodate you after all.

Where does the tour start?

All our private tours begin in front of the building Týnská 627/7, Prague 1
(Apart from the Psychiatric Hospital & Abandoned Cemetery tour)

Directions to the meeting point of Týnská 627/7 from the Astronomical Clock: Walk across the Old Town Square toward Tyn Cathedral. With Tyn Cathedral in front of you, take the left narrow, cobbled street (Tynska) which runs between the cathedral and the Baroque Kinsky Palace. Once you are standing behind Tyn Cathedral, you will see the big wooden door of building number 7.

Meeting point for the Psychiatric Hospital & Abandoned Cemetery tour:

In front of the gate to the Psychiatric Hospital in Bohnice, Ústavní 91, 181 00 Praha 8. By public transport: Take metro line C to the station Kobylisy. From there, take the exit from the metro in direction ”Katastrální úřad”. At the exit, go to the bus station and take the bus number 177 (direction ”Poliklinika Mazurská”) or number 200 (direction ”Sídliště Bohnice”). Get off at the bus station ”Katovická”. After getting off, turn around and go in the opposite direction to the bus that you arrived with until you come to the first crossroad. Turn left and you will find yourself at the Ústavní street, walk until you reach the metal gate with number 91. By taxi: Give your taxi driver the address Psychiatric Hospital in Bohnice, Ústavní 91.
For further info regarding the starting point, visit https://www.praguetourinfo.com/starting-point-tickets/

Where do the tours end?

This varies from each tour, so it depends on which tour you choose. However, we can assure you that your guide will be happy to show you the way back to your hotel or to the bus parking lot. Should you need to know this information before the tour, please contact us at info@trips-tickets.com.

How do I receive an invoice/proof of payment?

The invoice will be delivered to your email immediately upon booking and paying for the tour.

Can I choose other times than those on offer?

The times offered in the booking process are generally all times during which it is possible to organize the tour. Starting times for some tours are limited by external suppliers or opening hours of the facilities. It is of course possible to adjust the times to some extent (e.g. start at 13:30 instead of 13.00). This can be arranged on an individual basis. In this case, please do not hesitate to send us a request to the following email address info@trips-tickets.com.

How far in advance can I book a private tour?

A private tour can be booked up to 14 days before the tour. It is necessary to have the tour paid for by this time. This rule is set so that we have enough time to organize the tour. It is also aligned with our cancellation policy.

Until when can I cancel the tour?

Our cancellation policy is 14 days. We cannot accept a refund request less than 14 days before the tour. If you wish to cancel the tour and you contact us before this deadline, a full refund will be issued.

What if I want to book the tour now but pay later?

If you want to book a tour long in advance and don’t want to pay right away, but still want to ensure that there will be availability, it is possible to make a reservation by email. Write your request to info@trips-tickets.com. We will reserve you a spot on your preferred day and time, and you can then make a reservation with online payment up to 14 days before the tour.

Which tour language can I choose?

We offer tours in English or German. For some tours only an English guide is available. You can choose your language during online booking once you fill in your contact details.

What is the difference between a private tour and a public tour?

The content of both tours is the same. Private tours are exclusively for your group, there will be no other participants present on the tour. This way you will get your guide’s undivided attention, having the possibility to ask him any questions regarding the tour or life in Prague/in the Czech Republic. You can also choose your preferred tour start and day, which is an advantage as not all tours have scheduled public tours every day. In the case of a large number of participants, you can also benefit from group discounts.

Can I book a private tour using a method other than online payment?

If for any reason booking a tour online is not convenient for you, please email your request to info@trips-tickets.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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