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Advantages of private tours:

There is nothing better than when you stay in a destination of your choice is like a dream that has come true. This can happen with a private tour – you are the boss and you call the shots. We arrange tours in a variety of languages and there are special prices for group bookings. Costs vary depending on your requirements, which is why it’s helpful for us if you are as specific as possible.

Choose from two kinds of private tours

1. The core of your walk is one of our existing tours

For detailed information on all tours, kindly navigate to the “OUR TOURS” tab located in the menu at the top of the website.

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The tour itself can be slightly adjusted too: if you want to stop for a drink during the tour or see a little more, this will be added to the walk.
Prices are based on the basic tour rates, but additions such as dinner for your group or stopping at more sights will be added to the base price. If you let us know the size of your group and your criteria, we will be happy to provide you with the exact price for your group and your custom-tailored itinerary.
In case you have special requirements regarding your private tour, please contact us at info@trips-tickets.com and we will do our best to make sure you get your ideal tour!

2. Your tour is arranged just as you want it

Everything is up to you: how long the tour is going to be, what kind and how many sights you want to see, which language your guide should speak or if you want to enjoy a boat trip or a meal. If you are an admirer of architecture, Prague has so much to offer. On our architectural tour, you can see monuments built in virtually all existing European styles from the oldest Romanesque to unique Cubist, all created by renowned builders, sculptors, and painters. Also, if you visit Prague for its famous wine cellars, breweries and pubs with the aim of savoring local tastes, we will make sure that you experience the best.

Prices depend on the size of your group, the length of the tour, and extras such as lunch, admission fees, etc. which will be added to the basic group price list.

You can get some inspiration from these already existing top tours:
Prague Castle (duration: 3 hours)
During this walk, you will find out how extensive the Prague Castle is with its many beautiful historical places and monuments, as well as, the interesting stories behind this world’s biggest castle complex. You will also explore its fortifications and marvelous royal gardens.

All In One Tour of Prague (duration: 4 hours)
This walk takes you through the city and allows you to see the most attractive sights such as The Old Town with its astronomical clock, the much-admired Charles Bridge, and its breathtaking views, the picturesque Lesser Quarter and its “Baroque Pearl”, St. Nicholas Church. It also introduces you to the Jewish Quarter and as the whole this tour is simply unforgettable.

The Jewish Quarter (duration: 3 hours)
One of the most-visited parts of Prague will enchant you with its atmosphere, history, and sights among which are four synagogues, the Jewish Cemetery and the Ceremonial Hall. Museums will give you new insight into Jewish culture, daily life and the moving history of this community. You will be able to visit The Old Jewish Cemetery and appreciate the interiors of The Spanish, Maisel, Pinkas and Klausen Synagogues as well as The Ceremonial Hall. The entry fee to all these wonderful sights is 330 CZK in total.

The Old Town  (duration: 3.5 hours)
The oldest part of Prague will surprise you and charm you with its history and abundance of sights. Apart from the famous Astronomical Clock, you will find churches, buildings in all possible architectural styles and crooked medieval cobbled streets.

The Lesser Town (duration: 2 hours)
Apart from renown St. Nicholas Church, Church of Our Lady Victorious housing the Holy Infant of Prague and Nerudova street famous for its numerous original house signs, you will also discover a romantic Kampa Island called Venice of Prague.

Are you a school, an educational institution, or a special interest group?

If you are looking for an educational tour, we can provide you with expert assistance. We are experienced in preparing tours and excursions, presentations, and tailor-making tours for various age groups. We can introduce you to historical events, personalities, and typical phenomena from certain periods or other facts and places of your interests. Also, do not hesitate to contact us if you are into an intangible reality. Prague is not called mysterious without a reason and we are familiar with this side of the city, too.

Are you a company planning a team building or an incentive event?

Then there is no better place than Prague! It is charming, interesting, and exciting and all visitors appreciate its influence on their mood and perception. We can choose the accommodation for your team members, arrange menus and plan activities involving culture, sports, thematic walks, excursions, and evening entertainment. Prague is a city rich not only in culture. If you wish we can arrange a stay for you which will satisfy sporty people and academic types, as well as, gourmet foodies all across the hierarchy of your company. In all cases, you can be certain it will be time and money well spent.

Are you ready to book your private tour?

If so, please contact us at info@trips-tickets.com with your requirements and we’ll do our best to make sure you get your ideal tour!

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